Find out how the creation/evolution debate has changed in the century since the Scopes Trial as Core Academy of Science welcomes Darrel R. Falk and Todd Charles Wood to Dayton to discuss their disagreement and their book “The Fool and the Heretic.” Dr. Wood is a traditional creationist, and Dr. Falk believes God used evolution to create. Why do they hold these views? How deeply do they disagree? Can they get along? Find out when they appear on stage at Trinity Chapel for "Creation Together." This event is FREE to the public; however, seats are LIMITED. Please visit to reserve your seats. Tickets are pay-as-you-wish tickets, and donations are accepted but not required. We are so excited to share this event with the community and look forward to having you join us as we celebrate the rich history of Dayton, TN, and the Scopes Monkey Trial.

Trinity Chapel & Events

240 1st Ave, Dayton, TN 37321-1245
Jul 18, 2024
7:00 PM EDT to 9:00 PM EDT
RSVP Required
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